We are always looking for new representatives to join us here at VibZin Uk

To become a VibZin UK Representative you must:

▪️Be a UK resident 

▪️Be over the age of 18

▪️Register as self employed

▪️ Understand by registering you are doing so on a commison based role. You will earn from sales directed via your affiliate link. 

Speak to the person who sent you this shop link to join their team or chose the join us option in our store if you came from the web or follow this link




20% with a chance to have this increased up to 30% depending on sales revenue, admin will look at increasing your commison based on your previous month's sales total you will be emailed about this Incentive and also get confirmation. 

You'll also earn 5% off any direct recruits you bring in via your recruiting referral link.

You will also be given a chance to beable to earn of your 2nd & 3rd lines depending on the quality of your business structure. Please request a plan structure via email VibZin UK 

We will email the plan structure to any one who has potential growth showing in the business this is confidential and not to be passed on, shared or screen shot at any time. 

VibZin UK have the right to change their affiliate program at any given time increasing or decreasing commison Incentives from sales & Recruiting. 


From time to time there will be competion incentives, which will increase as the sales in the business does, VibZin UK will monitor any competitions set and award any winners. VibZin UK also have the right to cancel or amend any set competitions if sales drop below the criteria set out in that competition. 

 You can join us at any time, once you have your account you have it for as long as your active. If you are not active for 2 consecutive months then your account will be closed and you'll be emailed to inform you of your account closure. To be active you will be directing referrals generating sales/new recruits. 

If after your account is closed, you want to rejoin us, that is fine however you will join us as a new affiliate and not have any access to previous result history, order history, or have any downlines.


If you require time of advertising for longer than 2months and wish to keep your account open you can email us during your first month to let us know you require an extension on the 2months, extensions can be valid for an additional 2 months. This extension will be granted to any one expecting a baby, ill, with out internet access for a period of time or out of the country for a long period of time.

Extensions can only be granted once in a 12 month period. 12 months re starts the month you come back.